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Partner Spotlight: Pledge for Life

The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of Illinois (RALI) is proud to partner with Pledge for Life, a volunteer-driven coalition working to support local communities in east central Illinois. RALI and Pledge for Life share a commitment to educating Illinoisans about the importance of the proper use, storage, and disposal of prescription medications to prevent substance misuse and addiction.

To achieve this, we work together sharing information and resources, including free at-home safe disposal kits that people can use to safely dispose of their medications from home. Another important effort is the DEA’s National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. This year’s Take Back Day is Saturday, October 23, and RALI Illinois and Pledge for Life are encouraging everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to clean out your medicine cabinets. Any medications that you no longer need or are expired should be disposed of properly to prevent anyone from misusing them. RALI has tips on how to safely dispose of your medications on the “Safe Use & Disposal” tab of our website, and the DEA website can help you find a drop-off location in your area.

By raising awareness, educating local communities, and sharing resources, we can help keep our communities healthy and safe. When asked about partnerships like that of RALI Illinois and Pledge for Life, Representative Jackie Haas said, “It is great to see organizations like these lifting each other up to provide critically important information and support in our communities. There’s so much value in working together to tackle big problems like mental health and substance misuse.” RALI recognizes that our efforts are multiplied when we have the networks to share support with people who need it, which is why we are so grateful for our partnerships with Pledge for Life and others across Illinois.

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